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Who so ever has got an analysis of horoscope can send us email of his/her personal experience based on the predictions made by S.K. Verma
My name is Indu Bhalla. I have been facing acute problem in my life and never felt any kind of relief from any of my relation. My life was mesh with problems which were beyod my control. I had a zeal to have some earnings by way of teaching or any other appropriate job. But all my efforts proved un-successful inspite of my best possible efforts. As we have good family terms with Mr. S.K. Verma since long time. I narrated all such circumstances to Mr. S.K. Verma as family members. He seriously gone through my horoscope and analysed in a sympathetic manner. He concluded the result that you should apply for visa particularly for Canada. It was un- believable as I did not have any kind of support to be settled in Canada nor sufficient funds to invest. But Mr. Verma was dead sure that you will go Canada during the month of October with your two kids. It was another surprise for me as I can’t think to go abroad without my husband and my mother-in-law. So I voluntary condemned that Verma Ji forget it that I will go without my husband and mother in law. But he said you will definitely go and even the air plan will land on your roof to pick up you with two kids.

I appeared in the IELT exam and secured good percentage and appeared for the interview and got family visa. I mocked on the prediction of Mr. Verma that my husband and mother- in-law are also going with me but he again smiled and said let the time come which will unfold the truth. It was really shocking when my husband’s medical report traced mouth cancer and his visa was rejected. So, I had no other choice except to go Canada with my kids. I salute his prediction and the saints who invented such a remarkable science.

Now a days he again predicted that you will face acute job problems and earnings which I am facing today.

Again his prediction proved very true.

Indu Bhalla

My name is Nisha. I am a very poor lady. I was worried about the marriage of my daughter, keeping in view my personal circumstances etc. I visited in the office of Verma Ji who predicted the date of the marriage but had not sufficient funds to invest. But Sh. Verma Ji said the function will celebrated in a decent way which was unbelievable. I was really surprised when the month of same as predicted was got engagement. But I got depressed when my husband got severe ill and had to be admitted in the hospital before twenty days of marriage. There was no possibility of marriage as there was no chance of this survival. But Gurudev Verma Ji said your husband will be relieved before one week of marriage on behalf of the horoscope of my daughter. Exactly one week before he was relived and the marriage was celebrated in the decent manner. I can not forget his moral support and his sincerity in my life. He did not charge even a single panny from me. Society needs such a remarkable astrologer and well wishes.

My name is Asha. We are from a very hand to mouth family. Unfortunately my gold jewelly from my house stolen by un-identified persons. I was under a heavy depression & shocked and lodged the complaint in the police station. But it was useless and I contacted Gurudev Sh. Vermaji. As I have not any birth particulars and birth time to formulate horoscope. So, he calculated the conclusion based on the day of questioning and time. He said that the thief is from your own family and the gold is kept in a place where you can’t reach. You will come to know about the thief but the recovery of the gold is impossible atleast specially two and a half year. Today I know the person who have stolen my jewelry and he admitted the same but recovery seems difficult as sold and lost in gambling. The person was from my family and a lady. His prediction is highly appreciated.

My name is Gurvinder Singh. I am doing business in a large scale, having turnover more than 100 corers. I am married and have two daughters. The elder one is of 16 years. My family has great expectations of a male kid but all efforts made proved vain. I have been searching the right approach to follow so, as to have at least one male kid with the blessing of any saint as doctors failed in all respect. But I could not succeed in my mission in spite of best possible efforts made and personal visits to dozens of saints and astrologers.
I have been suggested by number of persons the name of Sh. Surya Kant Verma to contact for the said purpose. I managed to have meeting with his good self and narrated all sort of steps taken by us and the disappointment we faced in our mission. He consoled and made the horoscopes of myself and my wife and devoted lot of time to explore the possibility of male kid. After deep analysis he assured us that there will be guaranteed one male kid this year and there is a possibility of conception in this month which was unbelievable as my wife have been facing the aquite problem of conception from the last eight years. We were surprised that the very next month was the month of pregnancy and we got a male kid in that said year. We really appreciate the Astrology and the way he calculated.
Gurvinder Singh

Myself Vinod Gupta, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. I have been suffering from the mental depression from the last one and a half year. My wife contacted Mr. Surya Kant Verma Astrologer along with her parents to know the reason behind it. As my in-laws have been visiting very frequently from the last more than 10 years. He suggested some of the remedies to pursue after analysis of my horoscope. He also assured that there will be definitely drastic results within 4 days. We highly appreciate his calculation and the remedy action suggested by him was so simple to do. I solemnly said that I was appointed at a good job just after a week and enjoying the life in a perfect manner.
Vinod Gupta

My name is Priyanka Chouhan, Panchkula. As I grow and crossed the age of 24 years. My parents started in search of a good life partner. But every family member had his own choice as per his opinion and expectations. As a result our home atmosphere became house of un-healthy discussions and criticism which disturbed the scenario of the life. The matter was brought in the knowledge of Sh. Suryakant Verma who is the cousin brother of my father. He calculated the time of my marriage and suggested to keep cool and peaceful as there is no marriage lagan in this year. So, you should try in the next year for the suitable match. Till that time the matter is to be kept pending. All the family members agreed upon this suggestion and my marriage was fixed on the very year as predicted by Mr. Verma and enjoying the married life.
Priyanka Chouhan

My name is Ashi of 45 years old. I have been suffering from a chronic disease of plat less plates, The red blood cells in the body use to count down abruptly upto 10000 wherever it should be more than 200000 for a normal and healthy body. The situation was very worse and alarming for my life. I had no hope to survive more as doctors had no hope and remained under the heavy pressure keeping in view my liability towards the family. My elder sister met Mr. Verma and shown my horoscope. He took the matter very seriously and calculated my age and assured us that you need not to be worried and follow the remedies whatever I suggested in spite of no hope being given by the doctors. I have been followed all such remedies whatever he suggested and now i am surviving in a perfect manner from the last more than 9 years. All doctors are surprised to see such a miracal and Mr. Verma says it is all the blessing of God and invention made by our Hindu Saints.

My name is Barjinder Singh. Now a day’s living in USA. I met Mr. Verma in the year 1998 just after finishing my studies. At that time there was a very big question of my carrier to be settled in India or Abroad and the time of success in my life. I met Mr. Verma and he considered me as an elder brother and took initiative in such a manner as a guardian. He predicted that you will be ultimately settled abroad and for the time being you may join any of the organization till the visa is received. It was the big surprise to me that I placed on the job at Chandigarh during the same month and year as predicted by him. After 8 months of my job Mr. Verma asked to go for change of job for betterment without asking it. Exactly I got an another opportunity and joined the job at double salary. One day he was in his sadhna and fortunately I was present over there. He predicted that now the time has come to leave India and start the real carrier at abroad. I was surprised to listen as I had no plan and scenario or the opportunity, but his all such predictions till date proved very true and up to the mark. I really appreciate the way he calculates and the inventions made by the Astrologers.
Barjinder Singh

My name is Shalini Gupta and present age is 26 years. I was very frustrated about my carrier to be placed in the banking sector. Though I did not have much trust and interest in astrology but my papa’s friends they praised about Mr. Verma’s calculation in such a manner that we could not detain outselves without meeting him. So, we took an appointment and produced our horoscope. We were surprised to see that Mr. Verma did not ask the nature of question we wish to ask. He asked us that do you want to ask question about your job? With a blink of an eye, he assessed that you will be placed in the Govt. Job particularly in banking sector during the month of March, 2016. Fortunately I already had appeared in the Banking exam and the result was awaited. I was surprised to see that my name was listed in the merit list and I have got appointment letter in the Govt. Bank service. Though, we asked at the time of visit is there any requirement of any remedies? Mr. Verma bluntly assured not at all. It was unbelieveable and the way he assured can not be explained in words. His confidence and calculation is really praise worthy and transparent.
Shalini Gupta

My name is Sapna. We are neighbur of Mr. Verma. My whole family use to consult Mr. Verma before finalizing any major decision in the family and we follow strictly what so ever he suggest. My parents during these days were frustrated due to my marriage in question as I crossed the age of 27 years. My mother got an appointment to know the period of my marriage. After doing calculation Mr. Verma Calculated the date, month & year my marriage. The secondly prediction which was also a big surprise to all of us the month of foreign tour to Newzealand. It was such a big surprise which seems a unbelieveable. I took flight on the same month to New Zealand. IIIrd prediction proved itself very true regarding my male kid. My mother consulted now we now say “Guru Ji” to have prediction about male or female. He said male kid is there and he gave us in wiring. We really thanks him for his valuable time and right guidance to decide about future plan.

My name is Davinder Kaur form Mohali. I belongs to a simple and very poor family and presently doing job in a Hospital as nurse. I have been facing lot of ups and down in my life and now exhausted and frustrated. Though I used to consulted dozens of astrolozers to know my future but no one proved its worth. My all dreams seems to be vanished in air keeping in view my liabilities towards my family and future prospectus. As I filled my case in Canada’s Embassy about eight years back but no response was receivecd till date. In the mean time I came in contact with Gurudev Vermaji who gave me in writing the month of clearance by the Canada Embassy during the March. It was such a surprise to all of us which can not be explained in words. My joy had no limit and now I feel myself so lucky the day I met Mr. Verma. I am really grateful for his right guidance who not only saved out time, energy and money on court case but also solved our problem with a blink of an eye just by wearing Neelam & diamond to us.
Davinder Kaur


I am Miss. Avneet Kaur, C.A. by profession. I qualified CA about four years back. I had decorative dream to convert into reality but got frustrated when I could not avail suitable job. I was bound to be associated with a senior C.A. and devoted couple of years over there. Mr. Verma use to visit in the office of my boss. One day he was in a good mood and asked me about my date of birth & time. As I belongs to a sikh family and have no much interest in astrology. But I took interest in his calculation just to know scientifically output of the astrology and to have new experience of such a miracle vidya as people trust in it. Mr. Verma asked me the nature of question I wish to ask. My question was only confined to my carrier & settlement in life. He promised to give me in writing after 3-4 days. I was crazy to have his prediction and seems very difficult to wait for 3-4 days. He predicted 3 topics and sent me the SMS on my mobile, though I could have told me verbally but sent in writing to have strong proof his prediction which were as under:-

- You will be placed in job during the month of March, 2014 in a reputed Govt. Bank.
- You will definitely leave the job during the month of August, 2015 and will take flight to Australia before 23.12.2015.
- You may not feel happy even if you will be placed on the appropriate job abroad.

I am really fixed up and all such predictions were beyond my expectations.

- I got an appointment during the month of March.
- I took flight on 15th December, 2015 for Australia
- Now a days I am frustraited even I am working in Income Tax Department in Australia.

So, all such predictions proved very true and upto mark. Now he has given me the date of marriage with name of bridge. Let us see the how future turns accordingly to his prediction.

Avneet Kaur

My name is Jagtar Singh. After completing my +2, I had a dream to be settled abroad. I had only one choice to get admission in any of the college abroad for further studies. My mother came to know about Vermaji, as one of the most efficient astrologer. So, we visited in his office and gave him my date of birth, time etc. After getting the printout of my horoscope, vermaji as aked me do you want to go abroad?. I said yes. He said O.K. go abroad. I really highly appreciate his prediction that I am joining the college during the month of June inspite of my expectations to be joined during the month of Jan/Feb, 2016.
Jagtar Singh

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