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About Us
We will refund you the amount if our prediction proves wrong
We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as a team of Researcher to provide you the best possible astrological solution based on the scientifically research explored by our team from the last 22 years. After finishing of higher education Msc., M.B.A., DMM, Almighty directed us to pick up the real sore from the sea to serve the universe.
We virtually adhere to claim that our research will be a great surprise to you. It will definitely be helpful to resolve your any kind of problem and to give you right direction to follow. Apart from the above cited subject, you may clarify any kind of doubt with regard to Astrology, Manter, Tanter, Yoga etc. and spiritual concepts, we’ll definitely give you the best possible guidance/solution.
Our E-mail contacts : verma.astrologer@gmail.com

Can planets influence people ?

If you ask me whether there is an effect from that red colour light on a person's life my answer is both "yes" and "no". No, because it is just a light. Yes, because it indicates a bad period to cross. But if you attribute a godly character to the traffic light pole and starts worshipping it or think that there is a mystery in it. Then it is the lack of true knowledge and understanding. That is why, about 2500 years ago Lord Buddha said "Kim Karrisatthi Taraka ?" What stars can do ? It is not stars doing any thing to you. It is your own actions and the reactions of past actions (Karmas) are shaping your destiny. Your true savior is none but yourself as it is your duty to steer your life on the correct path.

Possible or impossible ?(limits of human understanding )

Please note that, though the debate on the existence of all powerful almighty one creator being as such is out of the context of this subject of discussion,  I do not exclude the possibility of  that there could  be (Now we call them as ET's and those days Deities or Angels) highly evolved powerful entities (and also some lowly evolved but powerful entities ) in other dimensions or worlds. A true scientist will never ridicule any possibility. However it may look impossible. Remember, that a few decades back  prominent scientists of the time said,  it is impossible for an aero plane to take off the ground as it is heavier than the air. Compared with the vastness and the complexity of the universe, what we have discovered and rationally understood is similar to a grain of sand. If you find something mysterious or something which is hard to explain, that does not mean it is not happening or it is impossible to happen. But that means our current understanding, senses, knowledge and the instruments are not yet developed enough to detect, measure and understand the phenomenon.