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About Us
We will refund you the amount if our prediction proves wrong
Planets in the solar system are like an accurate clock in the sky. Their revolutions and movements are very precise. Planets rise and set at definite times. Effects of certain planetary influences are plainly visible such as day and night, change of seasons and tidal effects. It surely have influence on everyday life of all of us. But subtle effects on people are not so clearly evident at a glance.
Astrology  is a system of observations gathered through ages. For an example Vedic Astrologey was founded by Sage Parashara thousands of years ago and the observations collected through ages are the essence of the Hindu Astrology. Astrology, both Eastern and Western are based on a predictive system very

similar to to the one used by meteorology. Instead of forecasting the weather conditions, Astrological predictive system indicates such and such things are highly probable to happen to the people when such and such planetary positions are prevailing. 

An analogy is like looking at a colour traffic light system and decoding what each of the colour light such as red , yellow and green are meaning and saying, like if some one goes when the red light is shining he or she is highly prone to be met with an accident or when green light is shining it is highly probable that he or she will have a safe passage. 

Stars only indicate your past "Karmas"( or the actions ) and depending on the past actions,  the direction of the path of life you are going to take while in the journey, towards the ultimate goal  the: "Natural evolution process towards the Perfection of Mind" *  "kingdom of heaven", "Moksha", "Nirvana" or where ever according to your personal belief. It is as same as, depending on the lane you have stopped, the direction you should turn will be indicated by a traffic signal.

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